Friday, July 17, 2009

Wolf Gap Camping Trip

We managed to escape the busy rat race around here and enjoy a fun camping trip and hike at Wolf Gap in West Virginia. We had a great time hiking, relaxing, playing games, eating chicken tin foil dinners and Smores!!!

This picture reminds me of the song we had at our wedding reception "I'm on the top of the world....."

We almost lost Rachel over the edge of the cliff.......Good thing her dad was there to help her..... Just kidding she is actually standing on a very safe ledge below her. But she still made me nervous and she sure scared another hiker that came by.

I call this picture the generation gap.........

I was a little out of shape for the 3 mile hike but I didn't do to bad keeping up with them

Our fearless leader pointing out the valley below. The view at the top was worth the steep climb!

Spooky story time......"I see some eyes"...........

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We count our blessings

Becky received her call to the Argentina Salta Mission. She will be reporting to the Provo MTC on Sept 2. She is very excited and has been studying up on Spanish. She studies her scriptures and is preparing to teach the gospel. She will be going to the Temple Aug. 1st. She is working at a Day Care/Pre-School and saving up her money. We have enjoyed having her home this summer. We will really miss her but she will be a great missionary and we are excited for her. Look out Argentina here she comes!!

We have enjoyed having Rachel home too. She had a car accident several months ago and we feel very blessed that she wasn't hurt badly. She was bruised and sore for weeks but very lucky. She some how lost control and hit this tree stump on the side of the road. She was probably lucky it was there or she might have rolled the car and it would of been a lot worse.

While recovering she slept and slept. She said she had never slept so much in all her life. She sure came out with a nice "shiner"...

Our Bishop and his family brought her the beautiful yellow tulips and ice cream. Our great neighbors made her brownies. We bought her her favorite "Subway" sandwhich and took really good care of her.

We only owned the car for a few months but cars can be replaced....we are glad we have our "Rach"

Rachel is working at The Institute of Navigation. It is a very high tech informational Instituition for different types of navigation and communications. She is the receptionist and does other secretarial needs. It is a good job and she really likes it. They were moving into this new office the week of her accident. I guess that was one way of getting out of moving but not the best way. Her office is the one on top with the lights on. She is also attending NOVA community college evenings and Saturdays. Things seem to be working out pretty good for her.

We enjoy Having them both home. We are truly blessed....

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