Saturday, August 9, 2008

30th Anniversary

Yes, we're trying to enter the modern age of blogging! Please bear with us. We had some video we wanted to post but we are not able to post it. While attempting to post it our video camera got stuck. It just keep saying "Press the Reset Button." We finally gave up and hope to be able to at least post some pictures.

We recently celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary

Friday July 25th - We decided to finish our visits to church history sites by going to Kirtland. When we went to get in the car Friday morning we found that Becky and Rachel had decorated the car. It had "Just Married...30 years ago" on the back window. It had cans dragging from the back. It had a very thoughtful picture album with a chocolate bar. We got honks, thumbs up, and congrates all along the way.

We went directly to the John Johnson Farm. This was probably our favorite experience of Kirtland. Two Sister Missionaries gave us an excellent tour. This is where Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon received the Plan of Salvation (Section 76). They stated: "the record which we bear is the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the Son, whom we saw and with whom we conversed in the heavenly vision." Carol and I had the unique opportunity to be alone in the room where this glorious vision took place. As we thought about what happened there and prayed together the spirit renewed our testimonies of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the Johnson Farm we went to Punderson State Park (Ohio). We stayed at the Lodge overlooking the Lake Punderson. It was very beautiful and romantic.

We had a nice dinner with live music on the patio as we watched the moon reflecting on the lake.

Saturday July 26th - On Saturday we drove directly to the Kirtland Temple. Our tour guide from the Community of Christ church told us about the wonderful events that took place there.

Next we went to Old Town Kirtland where the Visitor Center, the Newell K. Whitney Store, the saw mill, the ashery, the John Johnson Inn, and the Newell K. Whitney home is located.

The Newell K. Whitney Store.

Above the Newell K. Whitney Store was where the School of the Prophets was located and where several important revelations were received.

This room was church headquarters and was where the First Presidency was first organized. Many important revelations were received in this room.

We spent Saturday night at the local Days Inn.

Sunday July 27th - On Sunday we attended Sacrament Meeting with the Euclid Ward.

We then headed south to Somerset Ohio. Hans Michael Stoker (1732-1819), my 5th great grandfather was buried there.

Lloyd Thomas
Herman Deloss
Jesse - great grandfather
John - 2nd "
David - 3rd "
Michael - 4th "
Hans - 5th "

We then spent Sunday night at Burr Oak State Park (Ohio). Ohio has nice State Parks with Lodges. Burr Oak Lodge also looked over a nice Lake. We sat out by the lake and waited for the sun to set. It was really nice.

Monday July 28th - Happy Anniversary! We slept in and then headed almost straight west on Highway 50 that crosses over Ohio, West Virginia, and into Winchester Virginia. What a beautiful drive! The Baltimore Ohio (B&O as in Monoploly) Railroad went through there. The bridge trussels and tunnels and all were awesome. We talked and reminisced while we enjoyed the scenery.

Tuesday August 5th - The ending to our wonderful anniversay came several days later. We went to the Verizon Center to the Neil Diamond Concert. We had a great time! He is now 67 but is as great as ever. His songs, his band, and the entire performance was absolutely fantastic.

About Us

We met in the 8th grade and dated all through High School. We just celebrated our 30th Anniversary. We have six children - five daughters and one son. Four of our children are married and two are in college.